HomeAnalysisShortest Version of Isaias Afwerki’s Interviews

You don’t have to watch the annual interviews of President Isaias Afwerki to understand his viewpoint. Just apply the Isaias Afwerki Constant (iak) and you are there:

Domestic Affairs

A sector by sector analysis of everything in Eritrea shows that everything is bad.  Agricultural sector: bad. Transportation: worse.  Social services: substandard.  Energy: deficient.  Tourism: non-existent. Fisheries: Unacceptable. Housing: less than zero.

Regional Affairs

Ethiopia: government is in its last legs.   Somalia: So sad.  Djibouti: manipulated.   Middle East: abused.

International Affairs:

The uni-polar world that was envisioned by the United States was and is extremely dangerous, but it is being challenged by everyone.

The Future:

We have entered a new stage.  We have shifted to a new gear.  We have foiled our enemies. A bright future awaits.  Details will follow.

Parting Words, Message To The People:

Work as hard as I do.  And, in 25 years, you will be as big a failure as I am. But you can always blame your failure on somebody else and congratulate yourself for foiling your enemies.