How Eritrea Benefits From Institutionalized Short Memory

Whenever the Government of Isaias Afwerki is challenged to meet the demands of a UN-impaneled body, whether that is the Special Rapporteur or the Commission of Inquiry, it has a uniform reply: we are engaged with the UN via the … Continue reading →

Eritrea This Week – 20160523

At Eritrean independence silver jubilee, after telling Eritreans that everything that is right with Eritrea is credited to his government and everything that is wrong can be blamed on the United States, the 70-year old President Isaias Afwerki told his … Continue reading →

Government of Eritrea and the Commission of Inquiry

The mouthpiece of the Government of Eritrea,, has published a Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release to complain about the timing of the release of the report by the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE.)  The statement goes on … Continue reading →